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Please read carefully the following legally binding agreement between Sea Gate n.v. (license holder) reg. nr. 97061 situated at Abraham de Veerstraat 9
Willemstad, curacao and its wholly owned subsidiary Unimaster limited (payment processor) reg. nr. 165728 situated at 42 dositheou, stovolos, Nicosia 2028, Cyprus, under the brand name of Slots Hall and you. by clicking the "i agree" button below you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement, the house rules and our privacy policy. If you do not agree with any of the terms of this agreement, do not click the "i agree" button and do not continue to download, install or otherwise use the software.

Slots Hall is operated under master license no. 365/JAZ, granted by the government of curacao.

Please read the agreement carefully before using the services of this Website or downloading any software offered by this site.

Sea Gate N.V.'s internet gaming system on the Website and related services and gaming activities as offered and listed at www.slotshall.com including but not limited to, Online Casino and/or online bingo and/or any other games, where applicable;

- Website, Us, Online Casino; http://www.slotshall.com and any related sites accessible via links or any other access way;
- You, Player; The user of the Online Casino Software offered on this Website, whether downloaded or instant play mode.


1. This agreement covers the arrangements between you and us in relation to your use of the Online Casino either for playing play-for-real or play-for-fun games.

2. You can only use the Online Casino and/or the Website if you are the legal age as determined by the law of the jurisdiction in which you reside. You must be over 18 years of age to use the services offered by this Website, or above the minimum age for participating in gambling events in your jurisdiction, whichever is higher.

3. Using the services on this website are prohibited if you are reside in a jurisdiction where such participation is illegal. We do not intend or encourage anybody to utilize this website where such is unlawful. Use of this website is void wherever prohibited by any applicable law. You accept sole responsibility for determining whether your use of the Online Casino is legal in the country where you live.

4. We make no representation or warranty with respect to the legality or otherwise of the accessing and use of the Online Casino in your country of residence and it is solely your responsibility to determine whether such accessing and use of the Online Casino by you is legal. We further warrant in that respect that it does not intend to enable you to contravene any applicable law.

5. The software is provided "as is" without any warranties, conditions, undertakings or representations, express or implied, statutory or otherwise. We hereby exclude all implied terms, conditions and warranties (including any of merchantability, satisfactory quality and fitness for any particular purpose). We do not warrant that the software will meet your requirements.

6. We do not warrant that the software will be non-infringing or that the operation of the software will be error free or uninterrupted or that any defects in the software will be corrected, or that the software or the servers are virus-free. In the event of communications or system errors occurring in connection with the settlement of accounts or other features or components of the software neither us nor our software provider will be liable to you or to any third party for any costs, expenses, losses or claims arising of or resulting from such errors. We further reserve the right in the event of such errors to remove all relevant games from the software and the website and take any other action to correct such errors.

7. You may not use the Online Casino for any commercial use or on behalf of another person. Any use of the Online Casino by you is for own private purposes only.

8. You must keep your Login Name and Password confidential and should not disclose them to any other person, or third party. You may not use anyone else's password. You shall be responsible for all transactions conducted in relation to your Player Account using your Password. Every person who identifies him/herself by entering your correct Login Name and Password is assumed by us to be you and all transactions where the Login Name and Password have been entered correctly will be regarded as valid.

9. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the rules and procedures of the games offered on this site and your use of online gaming in general before you play any such games.

10. Players are allowed to have only one active account. All winnings will be void for players with having more than one active account. Slots Hall allows only one account per computer, household, email address, IP address.

11. We will only use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is set out in full at www.slotshall.com/privacy-policy. We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time. However, we reserve the right to ask you to provide us with additional details and any such additional information will be kept confidential. We further reserve the right under certain circumstances to disclose certain details to relevant authorities should it be required to do so by law, an arm of the state or a regulatory body. Subject to the provisions of the privacy policy, this right to disclose personal information to bodies or authorities whose purpose is to investigate money laundering, fraud and other criminal activity will be to the extent required by law.

12. You are fully responsible for all taxes, fees and other costs on any winnings or prizes resulting from the use of this website.

13. You agree that we or a payment processing company on our behalf will handle all financial account transactions. You hereby agree that the Payment Processor reserves the right to withhold any payments should the Payment Processor have reason to believe or any suspicion that you may be engaging in or have engaged in fraudulent, collusion, unlawful, or improper activity.

14. You agree to fully pay any and all payments due to us or any third party in connection with your use of this site. You further agree not to make any charge-backs and/or renounce or cancel or otherwise reverse any of your due payments and in any such event you will refund and compensate us for such unpaid payments including any expenses incurred by us in the process of collecting your payment.

15. A ten (10) percent administrative charge, shall be applied for payout requests of deposits which have not been wagered at least once.

16. We will not be liable in any way whatsoever for any loss caused to you by the internet or any telecommunication service provider which you have engaged in order to access to this website or to user the services this website offers.

17. You acknowledge that our random number generator will determine the outcome of the games played on the Online Casino and you accept the outcomes of all such games. You further agree that in the unlikely event of a disagreement between the result that appears on the Software and the game server, the result that appears on the game server will prevail and you acknowledge and agree that our records will be the final authority in determining the terms and circumstances of your participation in the Online Casino gaming activity.

18. You acknowledge that if your Player Account is opened you will fully indemnify us and hold us harmless from and against all and any losses, costs, expenses, claims, demands, liabilities and damages however caused that may arise as a result of your (a) entry, use, or reuse of the Website or the Online Casino; (b) breach of any of the terms and provisions of this agreement. You further agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold us and our officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors and suppliers harmless, from and against all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any breach of this Agreement by you, and any other liabilities arising out of your use of the Online Casino or the Software.

19. Residents from the following countries are restricted from using the services of this website: The Netherlands Antilles, Curacao, Hong Kong, Israel, France, Cyprus, Estonia, Bulgaria, Spain and The United States of America and its territories

20. You hereby declare that all details which you give or have given in the process of signing up to this website are accurate and that you will continue to update such details should there be any changes.

21. You are fully aware of the fact that there is a risk of losing money through the use of the Software to play games on this website;

22. You hereby declare to not be conducting criminal activities and/or intending to utilise the Player Account in connection with such activities. You are not using or intending to use or intending to allow any other person to use the Online Casino and the Player Account for any prohibited or unlawful activity, including but not limited to, fraud or money laundering, under any applicable law in particular your jurisdiction and the laws that apply to us;

23. You are not colluding or attempting to collude or intending to participate, directly or indirectly, in any collusion scheme with any other player in the course of any game you play or will play on the Online Casino.

24. You hereby declare that you are not one of our officer, director, employee, consultant or agent or of one of our affiliated or subsidiary companies, or suppliers or vendors, and you are not any of their relatives as well (for the purpose of this clause, the term "relative" means spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling). In any event that you have breached this prohibition, among others actions that will be taken against you, you will not be entitled to any of your winnings.

25. You have not previously held a Player Account which was suspended or terminated either by us or by any other online gaming operator, charged back any monies via a Player Account or maintains a current Player Account.

26. We may, at our sole discretion, make changes to this agreement or the Games Rules or Privacy Policy at any time.

27. The changes will take effect immediately when they occur. It is important, therefore, that you log in to the Website from time to time and check to see whether there is a notification of change. You are solely responsible for reading the changes.

28. We reserve the right to make inquiries on you, including credit checks, with third party credit and financial institutions, in accordance with the information you have provided us with.

29. In the event of any dispute regarding a wager or winnings, our decision will be final and binding, each case will be reviewed separately.

30. In the event that we will suspect fraud or fraudulent activity on your part or any of your payments are charged back, we will have the right to withhold any pay-out or winning amounts due to you and if necessary, to lawfully collect any payments owed by you.

31. We may at any time without prior notice to you terminate your use of the Online Casino and block your Player Account if it considers that you are in breach of any of the terms and provisions of this Agreement or that you are otherwise acting illegally. We will not be under any obligation in such circumstances to refund or otherwise reimburse you for any of the funds in your Player Account.

32. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to offer and advertise from time to time promotions, bonuses or other special offers and each such offer will be subject to specific terms and conditions which will be valid for a limited period of time. In connection with the specific terms of the above promotions, bonus and special offers, we further reserve the right to withhold any withdrawal amount from your account which will be in excess of your original deposit. In addition, we reserve the right to withhold or otherwise decline or reverse any pay-out or winning amount or amend any policy in the event that we suspect that you are abusing or attempting to abuse any of the following: (i) bonuses; (ii) other promotions; or (iii) specific policy or rules determined in respect of an existing game or a new game.

33. If you have not placed any wager in your Player Account for a period of one hundred and eighty (360) days your account shall be deemed to be inactive, which in that point we will attempt to get in contact with you to return any remaining withdrawable funds. Should this not be possible, your balance will be forfeited and any comp points accumulated will expire. You may contact us to reclaim the balance at any time.

34. This agreement is effective from the moment of acceptance by clicking on the "I agree" button, and shall remain in force indefinitely. For the avoidance of doubt it is agreed that you are bound by this Agreement if you use the services offered by this website or the Software in any way, including, but not limited to, initiating or making a deposit through your Account or submitting your deposit details to us. You are advised to retain a copy of all your transaction records and our policies and rules.

35. The English language version of this Agreement will prevail over any other language version issued by us.

36. The illegality, invalidity or enforceability of any part of this agreement will not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remainder.

37. You agree to receive communications from us in an electronic form. Electronic communications may be posted on the pages within the Website and/or the messages/help files of your client application, and/or delivered to your e-mail address. All communications will be considered to be in "writing" and to have been received no later than five business days after posting, whether or not you have received or retrieved the Communication.

38. Any disputes arising from in connection with this Terms&Conditions, which the parties will not be able to resolve in mutual consent, will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Curacao where the respective Curacao legislation shall be applicable.

39. Any notices required to be given in writing to us or any questions concerning this Agreement should be addressed to [email protected]

40. The player is prohibited to transfer or sell their accounts to another person. This prohibition includes the transfer of any assets of value of any kind, such as however not limited to ownership of accounts, winnings, deposits, bets, rights and/or claims in connection with these assets, legal, commercial or otherwise. The prohibition on said transfers also includes however is not limited to the encumbrance, pledging, assigning, usufruct, trading, brokering, hypothecation and/or gifting in cooperation with a fiduciary or any other third party, company, natural or legal individual, foundation and/or association in any way shape or form.

Money Laundering and Fraudulent Activity

1. The Casino is fully committed to be vigilant and prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. We are also committed to our social duty to prevent serious crime and not to allow our systems to be abused in furtherance of these crimes.

2. The Internet Site may only be used for lawful purposes, and may not be used for any illicit or fraudulent activity, or for any unlawful or fraudulent transaction, in accordance to the laws of all the relevant jurisdictions.

3. You may not use the services offered by the Company in any way directly or indirectly associated with money laundering or the funding of terrorism. By opening an Account with us, you agree to abide by all the rules and regulations relating to Anti-Money Laundering that are in place in Curacao and throughout the EU and the rest of the world. Where we know or suspect that a transaction may be related to money laundering or the funding of terrorism, we have the right to disclose details of such transaction to relevant bodies.

4. You certify that the funds you deposit on the Internet Site are not from any illegal source or are the proceeds of crime.

5. The Casino will:

  • Take reasonable steps to establish the identity of any person for whom it is proposed to provide its service, as outlined in these Terms and Conditions.
  • Keep at all times a secure online list of all registered Players.
  • Retain identification and transactional documentation as defined in the laws regulations and guidance notes.
  • Examine with special attention, and to the extent possible, the background and purpose of any complex or large transactions and any transactions which are particularly likely, by their nature, to be related to money laundering or the funding of terrorism.
  • Report any suspicion or knowledge of money laundering of terrorism financing to the relevant bodies.
  • Cooperate with all relevant administrative, enforcement and judicial authorities in their endeavour to prevent and detect criminal activity.
  • Not accept to open anonymous Accounts or Accounts in fictitious names such that the true beneficial owner is not known, and not accept a wager unless a User Account has been established in the name of the Player and there are adequate funds in the Account to cover the amount of the wager.
  • Not accept cash from Players.
  • If it becomes aware that a person has provided false information when providing due diligence documents, not register such person. Where that person has already been registered, the Company shall immediately cancel that person’s registration as a Player with the company.

6. You may be requested and agree to provide identifying personal documentation to aid the Casino in the fulfillment of its requirements. These documents include, but are not limited to a valid passport or other government issued identification document, proof of residence, and proof of ownership of financial accounts.


1. All withdrawal requests are first audited and approved by the Casino management before being sent for payment.

2. All withdrawal requests will be reviewed within 1 to 2 days from the date of the request. While we try to process all withdrawal requests to completion within 4 days, we cannot fully guarantee that this will always be the case.

3. While there is no limit to the amount a player can cash out in the casino unless stated otherwise, there is a maximum amount that can be withdrawn in one time. The maximum payout per player per week is €2,500/c$2,500/au$2,500/R30,000. All balances will be sent the following week(s), until the full amount of your Withdrawal is paid.

4. The limit mentioned above may change according to agreement with the player’s VIP manager, or to players VIP status.

5. In some cases, withdrawals via bank transfer may be charged with a processing fee of up to €40. Other charges that may incur by 3rd party (ie players bank) will be borne by the player.

6. You hereby agree that in order to finalize your first withdrawal, we may require a full verification of your identity and ask you to submit the following documents by email:

  • Valid identification ID (passport, driver’s license or government issued identification)
  • Proof of Residence (Utility Bill no older than 2 months to verify your address as stated in your Players Account during registration process)
  • Front and Back of Credit Cards used to make purchases in the website, in such case.
  • Credit Card authorization module signed by hand.

Documents can be sent to [email protected]

7. If it turns out during verification process that the details provided in the registration were untrue, fake, invalid, fictitious or false, we shall immediately cancel that person’s registration as a Player and confiscate any winnings.

8. We reserve the right to reasonably withhold any pay out or winning amount until the identity of the winning person is verified to our satisfaction in order to ensure that payment of the winning amount is being made to the correct person.

9. In the event of a withdrawal, payments will be sent back to the processor by which deposits were made. Although the player may choose a preferred payout method, we reserve the right to make the final decision through which payout method will be used to receive payouts.

Contact us: [email protected]